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About Mongolia Travel & Tours

Mongolia Travel & Tours (Randocheval Mongolia LLC) is the sister-company of the French travel agency Randocheval / Absolu Voyages, dedicated to equestrian holidays and tailor-made tours worldwide.

Randocheval Mongolia LLC is a Mongolian company which belongs entirely to Sabine Grataloup, who also created Randocheval / Absolu Voyages in France in 1998, together with her husband Thomas.

Mongolia Travel & Tours team is both in Mongolia and in France, for an easier contact for our European customers.

Before and during your tour in Mongolia, you will be in touch with the following persons ...

Sabine & Thomas

They are the Owners and General Managers of Randocheval Mongolia LLC.

In 1998, they created Randocheval / Absolu Voyages in France which became the horse related travel agency in France and one of the 3 first in the world.

Sabine and Thomas created horse riding tours in more than 50 countries.

In 2011, they decided to create Mongolia Travel & Tours (Randocheval Mongolia LLC) to guarantee the quality of the tours and horseback rides of Randocheval and Absolu Travel in Mongolia.

Together, they manage both companies from France. Sabine travels to Mongolia many times a year.

Sabine, General Manager and Owner at Mongolia Travel & Tours


Yeruult, our Executive Director in Mongolia, was born in Mongolia but he has been living in France for 15 years.

Therefore he knows both the quality requirements of Foreign riders, and the specificities of Mongolia. It is for you the guarantee of a perfectly adapted journey.

He was also a tourist guide in Mongolia during four years, he thus knows all the constraints and the secrets of a successful trip in Mongolia!

Yeruult manages the whole team in Mongolia. He selects our English-speakig guides, our drivers and cooks, and the nomadic herders we are working with in the different regions of Mongolia.

Yeruult, Executive Director at Mongolia Travel & Tours


Amgalan is our Tour Manager. He studied tourism in France and has an extensive knowledge of travel industry in Mongolia.

He is in charge of the bookings for all our tours: yurt camps, hotels, domestic flight tickets ... He prepares the travel documents for the guides and drivers.

Amgalan, Travel Expert at Mongolia Travel & Tours


Bataa is our accountant: she prepares the vouchers for each tour and checks the invoices sent by our travel partners.

All our guides fear Bataa, as she checks that they bring invoices for all the expenses they had to face during the tour - and it is not always easy for them to collect an official invoice in the middle of the steppe!

Bataa, Accountant at Mongolia Travel & Tours


Sumiya prepares the catering supplies and checks the equipment before and after the tours: tents, mattresses, saddles, cooking equipment ...

Sumiya, in charge of Catering at Mongolia Travel & Tours

Your travel expert


Based in France at Absolu Voyages office, Claire is the specialist for all journeys in Mongolia, as she enjoys riding as much as hiking !

She will help you to define the journey which suits you best, in which regions of Mongolia, with which kind of accommodation...

Her role is essential because a journey in Mongolia needs a careful choice. A stay in a nomadic family, for example, will be a memorable experience for certain persons, and will not suit in the others.

She will make all the necessary reservations, and will be your contact until your return of journey.

Claire, Travel Expert at Mongolia Travel & Tours

Some of our tour guides



Pujee (Ashley)






Some of our nomadic breeders and equestrian guides

Dembee and his wife

Tuvana and his wife



Some of our drivers and cooks


Otgonbayar Sumiya





And many other guides, drivers, nomadic breeders, cooks ...

... who will do their best to make sure you always keep a special place in your heart for Mongolia!


Our office in Mongolia

Mongolia Travel & Tours
/ Randocheval Mongolie LLC

8 toot, 33 bair, Erkhuugiin gudamj
7r khoroo, Sukhbaatar duureg
Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA

Our office in France

Randocheval Mongolie
2 place Charles de Gaulle
38200 Vienne
+33 437 02 2000 (Monday to Saturday)