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Mongolia - Gobi Desert & Orkhon Valley Horse Ride

Why you'll love this tour ...


  • The only horse riding tour that combines the dunes of Bayan Gobi Desert, the Orkhon Valley and Naiman Nuur Park.
  • A real adventure: 3 days with pack yacks in Naiman Nuur Park, a very remote area.
  • Our own saddles, studied to suit both the Mongolian horse and the Western rider.
  • 100% financial guarantee for your tour in Mongolia.

Dates and Rates

Dates with an ENGLISH speaking guide
Dates with a FRENCH speaking guide

2024 = Each tour is guaranteed with a minimum of 2 persons.

2025 dates are confirmed from the 1st person booked if you confirm your reservation before 31/12/2024.

Guide From To  Rate /pers.  Status
04/06/2024 16/06/2024 1980 € 7 places left*
11/06/2024 23/06/2024 1980 € 4 places left*
18/06/2024 30/06/2024   FULL
25/06/2024 07/07/2024 1980 € 1 place left*
02/07/2024 14/07/2024 1980 € 4 places left*
09/07/2024 21/07/2024 1980 € 4 places left*
16/07/2024 28/07/2024 1980 € 9 places left*
23/07/2024 04/08/2024   FULL
30/07/2024 11/08/2024 1980 € 5 places left*
06/08/2024 18/08/2024   FULL
13/08/2024 25/08/2024   FULL
20/08/2024 01/09/2024   FULL
27/08/2024 08/09/2024 1980 € 1 place left*
03/09/2024 15/09/2024   FULL
10/09/2024 22/09/2024   FULL
All 2025 dates are confirmed from the 1st person booked
if you confirm your reservation before 31/12/2024
20/05/2025 01/05/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
27/05/2025 08/06/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
03/06/2025 15/06/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
10/06/2025 22/06/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
17/06/2025 29/06/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
24/06/2025 06/07/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
01/07/2025 13/07/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
08/07/2025 20/07/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
15/07/2025 27/07/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
22/07/2025 03/08/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
29/07/2025 10/08/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
05/08/2025 17/08/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
12/08/2025 24/08/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
19/08/2025 31/08/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
26/08/2025 07/09/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
02/09/2025 14/09/2025 2140 € 10 places left*
09/09/2025 21/09/2025 2140 € 10 places left*


*What is a Guaranteed Departure?

After taking time off work, booking your flights and arranging for your neighbour to feed the cat, the last thing you need is for your trip to be cancelled because of a lack of people on your tour. Our guaranteed departures give you the peace of mind to book the tour that suits you.

A guaranteed departure means that the tour will definitely operate on the day it is scheduled and will not be cancelled for lack of participation. All guaranteed departures will run except in the event of a natural disaster or other similarly disruptive event that is beyond our control.



Day 1: Grouped transfer from Ulan Bator Airport on arrival of Turkish Airlines flight (usually around 07:10 am depending on the season). You can book any flight landing before Turkish Airlines flight.
If you are already in Ulan Bator, the meeting point is in the lobby of the hotel at 12:00.
Day 13: Grouped transfer to Ulan Bator airport on time for Turkish Airlines flights.

Please wait for our written agreement on your flight schedule before buying your tickets.



Groups of 1, 2, 3, 4 persons + 280 €/pers.

In 2024 = + 150 € / pers. (2 nights in Ulan Bator only).
This single room supplement applies if you want a single room in Ulan Bator.
No single supplement is due if you are OK to share your room with another person (same gender) even if we do not find another person willing to share.

In 2025 = no single room possible, you will share your room/yurt/tent with other riders of same gender.
Single tent possible at no extra cost if you ask for it when you book (subject to availability).



Tour and visits as described, horseback rides as described, full board from lunch of day 1 to breakfast of day 13 except 1 dinner, English or French speaking translator, local 4x4 minivan with driver, a cook per group of 4 persons and more, nomadic equestrian guides, financial guarantee of your deposits.



International flights, 1 dinner, drinks except water, tea and coffee, personal expenses, booking fee (15 €/person), travel insurance, visa if necessary.

Tour itinerary

This journey on horseback is the most complete possible in Mongolia: you don't have to choose between riding in the Gobi dunes, the steppes of the Orkhon Valley and with the yacks of Naiman Nuur Park!

Experience the contrasts of Mongolia in one trip, with this horseback trail that combines:

horse riding in the green plains of the Orkhon Valley

horse riding with pack yaks in Naiman Nuur Park

horse riding  in the dunes of the Bayan Gobi desert

- 4x4 safari to search for the Przewalski wild horses in Hustai National Park

Day 1: Ulan Bator

Welcome to Mongolia!

Your English or French speaking translator is waiting for you at Ulan Bator airport at the arrival of Turkish Airlines flight for a grouped transfer. You can book any flight landing before Turkish Airlines flight. If you are already in Ulan Bator, you can join the group at 12:00 in the lobby of the hotel.

Lunch in Ulan Bator.

Visit of the Gandantegchinlin Monastery with its impressive golden Buddha Statue.

In the late afternoon, you will attend a show with traditional dances, music and songs from Mongolia, especially the amazing Khoomei.

No dinner included, to let you choose among the varied dining opportunities offered by Ulan Bator.

Night at a 3* hotel close to the central Sukhbaatar Square in a double or triple room.


Day 2: Ulan Bator - Kharkhorin (Karakorum)

Breakfast and drive to Karakorum, Mongolia'ancient capital. Picnic lunch en route.

This is a long day on the road (6-7 hours drive - depending on the condition of the roads), but this evening, you will already be in the Orkhon Valley World Heritage Site, ready to start your horse riding tour tomorrow!

Visit of Erdene Zuu Monastery.

After the visit, we set up camp in the wilderness at the entrance of the Orkhon Valley for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Horse riding tour in the Orkhon Valley

After breakfast, meet the nomadic herders and horses who will be your companions during this horseback ride in Central Mongolia.

We begin our equestrian adventure in the northern mountains of the famous Orkhon Valley.

Picnic lunch brought by our support vehicules, nothing to carry on the horses, so we can enjoy many canters!

After the ride, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Horse riding tour in the Orkhon Valley

After breakfast, we continue our horse ride in the Khangai Mountains.

Picnic lunch brought by our support vehicules.

After the ride, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.


Day 5: Horse riding tour in the Orkhon Valley (Tovkhon Monastery)

After breakfast, we ride to Tovkhon Monastery, one of the major Buddhist sites in Mongolia. We reach the monastery with our horses at 2400m.

Picnic lunch.

We ride down the mountains to the Orkhon Valley. The views are astonishing ont the large valley with wooden mountains in the background. This regions is known as the cradle of the nomadic way of life in Mongolia.

After the ride, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.


Day 6: Horse riding tour in the Orkhon Valley (Orkhon Falls)

After breakfast, we ride to the famous Orkhon Falls.

We continue our horse riding tour in the upstream part of the Valley where the landscape becomes wilder and wilder.

This region has black ancient lava flows which contrast with the white running water of the Orkhon River and remind us Mongolia's volcanic past.

Picnic lunch.

We reach on horseback the larch forests with the impressive Naiman Nuur mountains in front of us.

After the ride, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Horseback adventure in Naiman Nuur Park (with pack yaks)

For the next 3 days, our horse ride will have a totally different pace: after the wide open spaces, we now ride in very wild and remote landscapes: the Naiman Nuur Natural Park, which means "the 8 Lakes Park".

Pack yacks carry the equipment and your personal belongings for these three days as this beautiful and isolated area is not accessible to vehicles.

We pack the luggage and camping equipment on the yacks and start our steep ride to the mountains.

Picnic lunch.

We will stay for 2 nights in guest yurts (up to 5 persons per yurt) with a nomadic family living in this very remote park. They are yack breeders.

Day 8: Horseback ride in Naiman Nuur Park

Today, we ride in beautiful forested mountains, discovering the wonderful scenic lakes of the Naiman Nuur Park, one of the most beautiful sites in Mongolia.

Dinner and overnight at the guest yurts.


Day 9: Horse riding tour in Naiman Nuur Park towards Orkhon Valley (with pack yaks)

Today, we leave the Naiman Nuur Park with our pack yaks, to go back to the Orkhon Valley.

We ride through steep mountains, and will appreciate our sure footed horses and the ability of our yak drivers!

Dinner and night in a "guest-yurt" close to a nomadic family.


Day 10: Orkhon Valley - Bayan Gobi Desert

Breakfast and departure with our 4x4 vehicle to the Bayan Gobi Desert, the "rich Gobi."

We meet the nomadic herder who will be our equestrian guide for the next two days of horse riding in the wilderness of Bayan Gobi, between dunes and steppes.

After a first afternoon ride, we set up our first camp in the desert, in a sparsely populated area on the southern edge of the Bayan Gobi Desert.

Dinner and overnight in tents.


Day 11: Horseback Riding in the Bayan Gobi Desert

Full day on horseback in the Bayan Gobi Desert.

This equestrian tour in the Bayan Gobi Desert is the only opportunity of riding a horse in a typical landscape of the Gobi Desert, as there are no horses deep in the southern Gobi, only camels.

This area is truly the heart of Mongolia.

It is indeed the Mongolia's geographical center.

It is also located at the junction of three major mongolian ecosystems: two of the main mountain ranges in the country - the Khangai and Khentii - and a northern edge of the Gobi Desert.

Mount Batkhan overlooks this area and gives rise to several rivers and springs which mix their waters with the sand dunes of Elsentasarkhai - the "sand break" - forming a changing and spectacular scenery.

In the afternoon we reach the Khogno Khan cliffs, where we visit Ovgon Khiid monastery, set in a dramatic scenery.

Dinner and night in a "guest-yurt" close to a nomadic family.


Day 12: Bayan Gobi - Hustai Park - Ulan Bator

Breakfast and early departure to Hustai National Park, home of the wild Przewalski's horses also called Takhi (3 hours drive - strongly depending on the condition of the roads). Lunch on the way.

After lunch, our drivers take us to a 4x4 safari in Hustai National Park, searching for the Przewaslki's wild horses, but also deers and marmots which abound in this protected area.

In the late afternoon, we return to Ulan Bator for a bit of shopping at the Department Store.
Farewell dinner and overnight in a 3* hotel near the central Sukhbaatar square (double or triple room).

Day 13: Transfer to airport

Early in the morning, transfer to the airport in time for Turkish Airlines flight check-in (scheduled take-off around 08:45).
The hotel will provide you with a packed breakfast (remember to ask the day before).

Lunch is not included, as most flights depart in the morning.


Practical Information


Day 1: Grouped transfer from Ulan Bator Airport on arrival of Turkish Airlines flight (usually around 07:10am depending on the season).
If you are already in Ulan Bator, the meeting point is in the lobby of the hotel at 12:00.
Day 13: Grouped transfer to Ulan Bator airport on time for Turkish Airlines flights.


Language:English or French speaking translator.

Group size: 2-10 persons.


This tour has a very varied accommodation, with a nice balance between yurts and camping:

  • 6 nights camping
  • 4 nights in a yurt with a nomadic family
  • 2 nights in a 3* hotel in Ulaanbaatar

More information about accommodation during our tours in Mongolia ...

Horses and Equestrian Ability

This horse riding tour in Mongolia is for experienced riders only.


> More about required equestrian ability

Tour Reviews

Your travel expert - Sabine

"It took us years to prepare this tour: we wanted to offer a horse riding tour including both steppe and dunes. You will love the diversity of landscapes, and also the fact that both parts of the ride are real itinerary ride, riding adventures from one point to another. You will cover almost 200 km on horseback."


"The countryside was vast and beautiful. The horses strong and hard-working. The climate offered you everything you can think of – sometimes within one day. People were somewhat shy but when you got to know them extremely nice and funny.

My favourite memories have to do with the long and wonderful gallops we had and the companionship of other riders - many shared laughters during the rides and in the evenings.

Also riding the camels was an experience not to be missed – even in the rain.

The tents were easy and quick to put up and take down. Some water might have gotten into the tents when raining, but nothing too bad. The yurts were lovely with the fireplace in the middle.

The cook that followed us was very good and served us more than enough of food after the riding. Maybe slightly too much of beef for almost two weeks? :D

The tack was comfortable and adequate. I was really pleased with the little horses. Half wild but at the same time so obedient and honest when being ridden. Also very strong, yet fairly sensitive in the mouth. Always eager to gallop.

Our main guide was a boyish charming man. He did not speak any English, as neither of them apparently, but he was very attentive and smiling and took good care of everything. Our translator was hilarious, liked her sarcastic sense of humour very much." - Johanna F. (June 2023)


"This was an amazing holiday - would highly recommend. I loved the riding (it was very hard to say goodbye to my Mongolian pony who I’d named Ron) but it was also so interesting from a cultural aspect.
I really liked that everyday we rode through different, spectacular scenery and camped in a new location.
Waking up to a herd of horses and foals outside your tent or a yak cantering past was pretty cool.

I loved the eight lakes national park (even though the pace was slower!). The afternoon we arrived in the park we rode up one of the hills, dismounted and sat with our horses in the sun enjoying the view - amongst the wildflowers and with a herd of horses and foals nearby.

Food was better than expected and I preferred it to any of the restaurants we ate in - one night we even got sushi! Understandably as the trip went on and supplies ran down, the meals became fairly similar but the chef was clearly making an effort to do something different each night. Accommodation was as expected - the mattresses for the tents were comfy and the shower tent with warm water was available every day. We got to spend an extra night in yurts because rain was forecast one evening and then in the Bayan Gobi, the team swapped around the itinerary so we were in yurts on a rainy night and camping a dry night.

For the Orkhon Valley part of the trip, I was more than happy with my horse and very sad to leave him behind. I also thought all the horses on that part of the trip looked great and would have happily ridden any other the others.

Regarding tack, I had an issue with my saddle on the first day as it had an old cushion on it and I found the wooden parts of the saddle cut into my legs - this was quickly sorted when I brought it to the attention of the staff.

A huge thank you to Bogi (main guide/host), Bomba and Tuana (horse guides for Orkhon Valley section), Sergi (chef), Suran and Osherow (drivers) - although I’m sure there’s some serious misspelling there! This team really made the trip - you could tell they were all trying their best to make sure we were having a good time, and it was really appreciated. Bogi in particular did a great job of answering our many questions and managing the group.

What would you suggest to improve the holiday? In general, I thought the horses in the Bayan Gobi were different to the Orkhon Valley - mine less rideable and they have seemed to have developed evasion tactics (I think as it is closer to the capital they get a lot of mixed ability riders, so the horses trust their riders less).
I still enjoyed this section of the trip and overall I absolutely loved my trip to Mongolia but felt if the Bayan Gobi horsemen spent a bit more time focusing on making sure everyone was happy and felt safe that would have been an even better end to the holiday." [NOTE: of course, we made sure after this comment that the horsemen in the Gobi part of the ride choose quieter horses and that a horseman stays at the back of the group to check if everything is OK.]

- Maddie R. (June 2023)

- "Generous, varied, excellent food" - Jeanne R. (August 2019)

- "Everything was perfect!" - Aurore C. (August 2019)

"A beautiful ride between the grasslands and the dunes of Bayan Gobi. Lots of beautiful pictures and beautiful moments shared with the nomads and our companions!
A special thank you to our cook Bagui who prepared for us delicious meals morning, noon and evening. He was always watching if it was OK for everyone. A vegetarian lady in the group appreciated all the efforts he made for her.

Camps were comfortable with a portable shower with heated water, a tent for 3 just for the 2 of us, a large tent for meals in case of rain (it just happened once in 13 days) and most of all amazing camping spots.

Not to mention the friendliness of joy of our Mongolian Companions, always wanting to communicate, making it possible to talk with nomadic families depsite the language difference.

We had the chance to take part in the daily tasks of the nomadic families (milking cows and yaks, catching the foals, fermented milk manufacturing and yak alcohol distillation ...).

Those small horses are ultra strong and brave. Once we agreed to drop our academic riding and follow the instructions of the nomadic breeders, all is so easy! Chu (the word to ask a Mongolian horse to canter) !!!!

This tour is perfectly balanced between the Bayan Gobi and the Orkhon Valley, with the visit of Karakorum to have a little rest, and we ended with Naadam festivities! Unforgettable! Thank you! " - Christine and Alexandre C. (July 2019)

- A lively, muscular and very well trained horse, exactly what I wanted! Very comfortable saddles.
The guide (Zahia) was very kind and caring, and had a very engaging personality.
The nomad guides (Bamba and Oshr) were cheerful, attentive and responsive. It's a shame that the language barrier prevented us from getting to know them better...
Huge thanks to Tofcho for his excellent meals, especially the morning brunches, and for always preparing a vegetarian variant with kindness and discretion... all in song!
The individual tent and camping shower were very much appreciated." - Morgane V. (Sept. 2019)

"I would really like to thank the team who were with us from the bottom of my heart.
All of them! The drivers, the horse breeders (special mention for the breeder of my horse who was constantly attentive and reassuring), the cooks, and your representatives in Ulan Bator.
They were kind, available, helpful and communicative. Despite the language barrier, they did everything they could to get in touch with us, to explain things to us, to tell us about their lives. It was a real pleasure to be with them. They gave us some memorable evenings, where friendship and smiles were the watchwords. It was as if we'd known them forever, like a stranger who becomes a friend and then a brother. Someone you love despite the border, someone that time doesn't erase. Keep them, really don't let them go.
They'll give every tourist they meet a magical ride.
You've got a great team on site: be proud of them and thank them very much!

As for the bivouacs, there's nothing to say. They were perfect, comfortable, hot and spotless. Well done for managing them!
The locations were breathtaking sou􀂩e. It was incredible to wake up in the middle of the steppe. It was magical!

As for the meals, we were treated like princesses! Sergelen and Jamin are incredible! Great food, very good, copious, varied and always ready when we needed it. They listened to us, serving extra rations of rice when our stomachs needed it.
We never went hungry, and I never had the impression that I was eating the same thing over and over again. What's more, they didn't just serve the food haphazardly onto the plates, they always tried to present the plates in a pretty and attractive way. A real 5-star restaurant on the steppe.
We looked forward to the meals. They were as beautiful as they were good!

The saddles were mega-comfortable. I was expecting to have the leather of my skin redone ... and nothing at all! It was perfect.
The horses were great. A big heart, a lot of generosity. Kind without being riding school ponies. I felt perfectly safe, and my horse, who knows the steppe and mountains like the back of his hand, was con􀂦ance blind. What's more, they were closely supervised by the nomadic breeders who know them, constantly look after their health and our safety, and are always willing to listen and make themselves available." - Hélène P. (August 2019)

"The horses were fantastic: tough and incredibly strong for their small size. They are brave and go everywhere, it's a real pleasure. European horses look so fragile in comparison...
I wasn't expecting so many comforts throughout the ride: shower with water heated by the cook, comfortable mattresses provided, spare sleeping bags available, tents in very good condition...
The meals were a real treat! Sergelen and Jamyan looked after us wonderfully with a variety of dishes throughout the stay. Every meal was a real treat, I've never eaten so well. We even all came back with a few extra kilos. I'd also like to mention how well they listened to us, adapting the menus to the girls who needed them. As well as the food, the cooks contributed greatly to the warm atmosphere within the team (singing around the fire, card games...). It was a memorable experience. " - Agathe F. (August 2019)

- "The cook was able to adapt Mongolian cuisine perfectly to our French tastes, while introducing us to certain specialities. He knew how to cook in camping conditions while respecting hygiene and flavours.
The tents with their black backdrops were great for keeping us awake as the day wore on.
The shower tent was set up very regularly. Hot water for the shower was provided before we even asked for it.
As the saddle frame is made of wood and metal, the protective cushion must be perfectly positioned to avoid any injuries. For me, this was done perfectly.
I recommend wearing gloves because the reins are nylon rope. They look like our lanyards and can damage your hands if you don't wear gloves. " - Caroline L. (August 2019)

- "We got on well with the horses. The driver, nomads and cook were a delight. The translator was efficient.

The food was fantastic. The trek itself was really fun. Living with herds was a wonderful experience - watching people milking mares, driving herds of horses, yaks and cows; seeing goats come alone at night to protect themselves from wolves and leave in the morning when they are hungry.

One night after the rain, we stayed with a family unexpectedly and it was a really special moment. There are lots of little enchantments - watching an eagle dive to catch a squirrel, riding in hail, seeing a huge double rainbow over the lakes, the night sky, the sounds of the night, the thunder of hooves, the bleating of sheep, the snoring of yaks.

I also loved the Buddhist monasteries - Erdene Zuu reminded me of Bodhnath in Nepal; the one on the hill was magnificent; the last one in the desert had the smell of incense and steppe.

The smell of the steppe itself - a mixture of sage and mint - remains in my memory." - Steve D. (August 2019)

"The horses are superb.
The guide Khanda was great, smiling, professional, friendly and a good rider which made for long gallops with the whole team. She is involved and takes great care of us.
The chef was excellent. It was impressive to be able to cook great food in a camping situation. He listened to our tastes and adapted the dishes to our palates. We ate very well throughout our stay!
The choice of bivouacs was excellent every time, the tents are good, but you should be warned to take a very good duvet because I was cold the first night - fortunately the team on site had extra duvets which made me more comfortable :) the camping shower is a real plus. For the evening, you'll need a torch for the big tent a􀂦n to continue the evening. " - Camille V. (August 2019)

"The cook, Bagui, was top notch! Thanks again to him for having done everything to adapt my menu (without meat), I am very grateful to him considering the extra work it required.
4 good guides - nomads (sorry I can't remember the names of the 4 herders!): 2 in the desert part of Bayan-Gobi and 2 in the Orkhon Valley: attentive to the safety and comfort of the riders as well as to the understanding between rider and horse" - Sandra G. (July 2019)

- "Mongolia was a childhood dream, which I was able to realise during this trek in the Orkhon Valley. I knew it was going to be a crazy experience, but I also knew it was going to be even more intense than I had expected, and I got to see so much more! I'd like to say a huge thank you to my crack team along the way, Bayarmaa my translator, Demid our nomad guide and Myangaa our driver, without whom this trek would clearly not have had the same taste!

I was incredibly lucky to be the only one registered at the start, and to have done this trek alone with them. Being in a small group allowed us to bond very quickly: lots of sharing, lots of laughter (Mongolians have a great sense of humour and are great jokers!), some great card games, some wonderful moments of complicity whether on horseback, on foot, around the table, with the families or even by the fire chatting and singing (Mongolians sing all day long, and I came back to France with some great songs in my head!)

The kindness, generosity, simplicity and hospitality of the Mongols and nomads made this trip even more beautiful and unique. As well as being a great equestrian experience, it was also a deeply moving human experience! Their values and beliefs are beautiful and profound, and I would have loved to spend more time there to continue to discover their life and culture and share a little more of this nomadic life.

It was a real journey into an unknown land, a total immersion in nomadic life and a simply magical plunge into the central Mongolia that I had so dreamt of. The landscapes are simply breathtaking, and the Orkhon valley is just sublime. The scenery changes from one corner of the valley to the next: arid steppes, lush greens, waterfalls, gently curving mountains, larch forests, marshes, lakes... The colours are pure and vivid, just like the air! As for the night sky... wow, I've never seen so many stars even in the most remote corners of France and Navarre! The weather changes very quickly (and the skies are all the more beautiful for it): I wasn't able to verify the adage that says that in Mongolia you can have the four seasons in one day, but all I needed was snow! Even in summer, the temperature variations can be significant.

Their little horses are extremely kind, generous and hardy. I enjoyed the trots, gallops and mad races on the steppes just as much as the walking in the mountains, forests and marshes, where you appreciate the sure-footedness of these little horses. The Russian saddles are perfect for trail riding - they're real cushions! Demid took great care of his horses and was a real pleasure to watch.

We had a fourth horse following us on the trail (the "spare horse, just in case"), who escaped twice to graze with other herds and return to the stables by the shortest route. This led to some great laughs when Demid had to go and pick him up! There were also some great moments on horseback at Naiman Nuur when we both went to fetch the herds of mares and foals and yaks, and we trotted and galloped with them to bring them back to the yurts. And there were other magical moments next to the horses, when the mares were milked in the middle of the foals: cuddling sessions and scratching guaranteed!

I was also lucky enough to be able to attend a small Naadam before its time in a corner of the valley. Bayarmaa offered to change the itinerary to take advantage of this. A little diversions that was well worth it! Horse races, wrestling matches in the middle of the steppes, it was an unexpected spectacle for me! Another nice surprise was that the steppes were covered in flowers of all colours, and were teeming with foals, kids, lambs and baby yaks. It was hard not to get excited!

As for the bivouac nights, everything was perfect: the places chosen, the equipment and materials (the hot shower was great!) and the dry toilets (with certainly the most beautiful view that could exist) were very well thought out, and the meals were all more copious and varied than the others. The nights spent in yurts with the families were also a delight, full of wonderful discoveries and moments of sharing!

There was a wolf attack one night when we were staying with Demid's grandparents in Naiman Nuur, just a few hundred metres from our yurts: this was followed by several family stories told by our hosts, a trip out of time and far removed from our Western habits! The next day was much gentler, starting with the birth of a foal in the early hours of the morning. What a balance!

The little visits at the start and end of the trek are great too, giving us an insight into a part of Mongolia's history that we sometimes struggle to imagine because there are so few vestiges left today. The farewells were really hard, and the return to reality and civilisation even harder...

In short, if you dream of wide open spaces, freedom for both humans and animals, nature, and great experiences on a human and equestrian level, don't ask yourself too many questions and DO IT!!!" - Marion S. (July 2019)

"The landscapes were sumptuous, I was speechless. The places where we camped were magical and peaceful.
The horses were very hardy and very calm at the same time, a joy.
Dulgun was absolutely kind and attentive, always there to answer our questions. She showed us some magnificent monasteries and we had a great time.
The meals were really good. There was no shortage of food or drink, and the cook surprised us with his divine meals. He even adapted to our cooking at times, a treat. :)
Mongolia was my 1st solo trip and I have absolutely no regrets. Very nice teams and sumptuous landscapes. My fondest memory? I have so many, but it was the evening when we were playing cards with the nomads. :). I fell in love with the Mongolian steppes. If I go back it will be with Rando Cheval" - Amélie D. (June 2019)

"This trip was a childhood dream for me. I've been spoilt! This gigantic country is magnificent! The whole team made this trip unforgettable! I already want to go back and discover other countries. Thanks again to everyone!
Our chef was a gem! Copious, varied and very good meals! I enjoyed it throughout my stay.
The little Mongolian horses more than deserve their reputation! Generous, lively horses with very sure feet. A wonderful discovery!
Equipment adapted to the "fragile" western buttocks! Luckily we didn't use the typical saddlery!
The guide was exceptional. Her French was impeccable: she immersed us in the history of her country. A very smiling, dynamic person who always looked after us.
The nomad breeders were very attentive to our riders and horses. Their songs accompanied us throughout the ride. It was magnificent! " - Lucile G. (June 2019)

"This was our second trip to Mongolia with you, and still not disappointed with Mongolia and the Mongolians!
Dulguun always listening with his wonderful smile and his patience of angel you have a pearl.
The drivers were top notch and got us out of a difficult situation, as heavy rain had fallen on our departure from Ulan Bator.
Seegii, the 4-star chef: he spoiled us every day despite the weather conditions.
Jantsan and Tomé (nomadic herders) who were very attentive to our safety.
The Toogii and Suren drivers set up our tents at every bivouac (a real class act).
The Jantsan family were really welcoming and we were able to join them in milking the yaks and mares.
(frankly, I'd missed this exchange on my trip to Express Mongolia 2 years ago).
The other family in the Orkon valley was lovely too.

Ps: I hadn't thought to complain about the mattresses on my previous trip and frankly the new mattresses are top notch" - Isabelle de M. (June 2019)

- "A big thank you to the whole team for this unforgettable trip. I had been dreaming about it for 20 years, my husband learned to ride just to be able to take part in this adventure which exceeded our expectations in every way. It was a perfectly organised trip through sublime landscapes on the backs of fabulous bolide horses, carefully chosen according to each person's level. Above all, it was a joyful team of experts who looked after us and pampered us like never before! Thank you for your welcome, for all the discoveries and moments of sharing, and for the delicious food too. Thank you again and all the best for the future." - Lucy and Lucas (June 2019)

- "This ride is truly an incredible experience, both equestrian and human. Mongolia is an extraordinary country where our European codes and references no longer apply. We immerse ourselves totally in the culture of this magnificent country and let ourselves be carried along by our guides and our horses. It's a real break from time and a chance to disconnect completely!

The camping equipment was of very good quality, and I was delighted that our driver had thought to take extra sleeping bags for the cooler nights! The bivouac sites were always magnificent and ideally located.
The yurt camps were good and so was the hotel in Ulaanbaatar, which was very well located in the city centre.

Our cook was fantastic, preparing a variety of dishes that were always very good. And we were also able to taste the local specialities, both in the restaurant and in the bivouac, prepared by our team!

As for the saddlery, unfortunately I'm comparing it with French standards, so at first I was a bit worried about the system D aspect of the equipment. It turns out that it's actually adapted to horses and that the nomads know perfectly well how to repair or adjust if necessary, so there's no need to worry.

The horses are great, friendly and full of energy!

Our guide, Dandov, was also really great; she's passionate about her job and her country and was able to pass all that on to us. She speaks impeccable French and is very funny!

Our two nomads, although with very different styles, were also great. Baggi, in the Gobi, is very serious and really takes care of both horses and riders. It was very reassuring to start the trek with him. Borr, on the second part, was much more jovial and less reserved, but just as 'professional'!

Our driver Tumee can get his Russian 4X4 over any road! His knowledge of the country and the region also enabled us to adapt to storms, blocked roads, etc. He's also very funny, speaks a bit of French and, like the rest of the team, really looked after us.

For me, the route was ideally mapped out, with no downtime and no overly long or particularly exhausting stages. I'm very happy with the diversity of the landscapes I've come across. And I also really enjoyed the visits and shows that are included in the tour. Not forgetting the camel ride, which gave us a lot of laughs! - Eloïse P. (June 2019)

- "We've been wanting to do this ride in Mongolia for several years now and all our expectations both in terms of riding and the landscapes and encounters were fulfilled. This trip was a dream come true for both of us.
We had an extraordinary 15 days, discovering imposing landscapes at the (sometimes frantic) pace of the horses, but also and above all thanks to the Mongolians.
They are kind, joking people, always in a good mood and ready to share their culture. So a big thank you to our guide, our drivers, our cook and the nomads for this timeless moment spent all together between horses, laughter, card games, improvised volleyball and the emotion of saying goodbye.
And thank you to Randocheval for making it possible." - Amandine and Coralie (June 2019)

"Magnificent trip, very nice and helpful guide and driver (Dulguun and Togui).
Guides on horseback paying attention to the well-being of their horses.
To be repeated perhaps in other even more lost valleys!" - Delphine L. (June 2019)

- It's been a few days since we returned to our beautiful Switzerland. And I think it's time to write and thank you.
To thank you for this trip that will forever be engraved in my heart. Part of me stayed behind in Mongolia and that's proof that the trip went perfectly.
I'm not going to go on for 10 years, but I would like to tell you that you have a golden team in Mongolia. Our French-speaking guide, our cook, our drivers and our dear equestrian guides touched us all, and I now have friends at the other end of the world. We shared so much and had so much fun. Between campfires, sand fights, snow water fights, card games... I'll never forget them, they're great people!
Crossing the mini Gobi and the steppes on the back of these Mongolian horses, these forces of nature, was an unforgettable experience that I'll certainly be doing again when my little one grows up.
So I'd like to thank you and all the people who shared this experience with us for making my dream come true... and what's more, everything exceeded my expectations. I will have no hesitation in extolling your virtues to my riding friends." - Christelle J. (May 2019)

"This trip was perfect from start to finish.
Super guide, very attentive and very smiling.
Everything was perfect. The meals were excellent thanks to Toufché. (Sorry for the spelling of the name). The only downside was the quantity served on the plates... We always had far too much. So it was a bit wasteful. But otherwise everything was perfect.
Although it was very different from our place, I found the saddles very pleasant and my bottom didn't even hurt!
As the horses were just coming out of winter, they weren't very fat. Otherwise they are incredible, generous and completely tireless." - Christelle R. (May 2019)

-Very nice ride to discover Central Mongolia. Magnificent landscapes, a team that was always available and pleasant. Top organisation, something new every day and superb places to set up camp. The horses are generous and in great shape. We also enjoyed the cultural stops (museum, monastery visit, music and dance show). To sum up: a faultless experience for Rando Cheval, with whom we regularly go, and for the Mongolian team." - Sylviane and Olivier L. (August 2018)

-" A ride fertile with discoveries and emotions, thanks to attentive, competent, available guides and safe, courageous horses. Immense, incomparable landscapes, history and traditions dating back thousands of years, smiling hospitality, fabulously starry nights, a sense of wonder at every stage." - Brigitte L. (August 2018)

- "The ride in the Orkon valley is an incredible journey filled with beautiful discoveries both human, animal and cultural. Serenity, a change of scenery and sharing are, for me, the three key words of the trip." - Hélène T. (August 2018)

- "Masterful and very well organised trip with comfortable and irreproachable logistics. Superb itinerary, magnificent scenery even in the rain (very changeable weather). Very steady gaits (the main gait is the trot with some beautiful canters, the first few days we didn't know if our ponies knew the walk!). The horses are impressive. - Dumas family (August 2018)

- "This trip was extraordinary: all the days are varied, we can meet local people who are very welcoming and ready to share their culture. The randocheval guides are also very friendly, open and knowledgeable. Everything was well organised and interesting. The hardest part was saying goodbye to our guides and going back to France." - Myrcée B. (August 2018)

-A superb trip with a change of scenery, which I highly recommend to all riders! Breathtaking landscapes, memorable encounters with the locals, supervisors who were always considerate and attentive, moments shared with the Mongolians ... Admittedly it wasn't 4* accommodation but it was impossible to do otherwise to discover the Mongolian lands on horseback, so we shared authentic moments by the fire in the evening, and took a good breath of fresh air by being in the middle of nature for 10 days! I'll go again tomorrow if someone offers me the chance:)" - Loraine G. (August 2018)

-Magnificent experience, with wonderful landscapes, generous horses and welcoming people. It's just as I imagined it, I'm delighted!" - Célia B. (August 2018)

-Sublime landscapes and incredibly friendly locals. For all nature lovers, this is an extraordinary trip accompanied by endearing little horses" - Charlotte M. (August 2018)

-Breathtaking landscapes with countless herds roaming freely, very friendly nomadic herders/guides, unforgettable encounters with nomadic families, a local team (cook, drivers, guide) at the top of their game... and not forgetting the crazy gallops across the steppe. A ride I won't soon forget. Thank you!" - Cédric P. (August 2018)

- An extraordinary trip. A magnificent welcome, adorable horses. No vice, no meanness. A little shyness but with scratches, a gentle word and we have a super horse kind and respectful. A top-notch human team. As I had read, we arrived as customers and were welcomed as friends. That's exactly right. I have wonderful memories of it and I'm looking forward to going back with Randocheval to discover new horizons on horseback." - Caroline G. (July 2018)

- "A trip made extraordinary as much by the beauty of the country, the generosity of the horses, the length of the gallops as by the richness and humanity of the Mongolian people. Bayrlaa a lot to all the team who accompanied us during this trip between the Gobi and the steppes: interpreter, equestrian guides, drivers, cook for all their little daily attentions that made these moments unforgettable and allowed a dozen individuals to spend holidays "like a family". Long live the nomadic life, long live Mongolia!" - Gaëlle I. (July 2018)

- "It was an extraordinary experience with breathtaking landscapes. The Mongolians are very welcoming and do everything they can to give us the best trip possible. The horses are very generous, sometimes fearful but the guides know how to adapt if you don't feel too comfortable with your horse." - Alexia B. (July 2018)

- "I think we crossed a representative sample of Mongolia's different landscapes: steppe, rivers and lakes, mountains and larch forests, sand dunes. The long gallops across the steppe, the crossing of several rivers, the discovery of Buddhist temples and places, the meetings with herder families, made this trip varied and rich on a human level. As I wrote above, it's an unusual and culturally enriching trip." - Edith G. (July 2018)

- "Incredible experience in the nomadic way of life. You have to let yourself go and take in everything they have to offer. You always meet the best people with a very engaging team, breathtaking landscapes, horses that know their way around and are very sure-footed. In short, I would recommend this experience to anyone who is passionate about horse riding and travelling. All you discover is another vision of the horse and the world. It's a country full of richness and this trip allows you to perceive some of it, whether in the team, in the families, in the landscapes, in the horses, in the Mongolian culture with the evenings, the music or the temples... I'll be back!" - Jeanne R. (July 2018)

- "More than a trip, a life experience! It was an exceptional trip that leaves me with wonderful memories! Breathtaking landscapes, experienced, kind-hearted horses, exchanges, laughter and lots of emotions with the Nomads! A team that was available and took great care of me, making my trip so much more enjoyable! Thank you all for a fantastic stay and see you soon for another trip :) I miss you! " - Amandine E. (July 2018)

-Mongolia offers its visitors varied and breathtaking landscapes. A great ride with horses that may be small but have remarkable stamina and are very safe. The team takes great care of the guests and it was with a twinge of sadness that the holiday came to an end. If you have any doubts about the quality of this ride, don't hesitate any longer and go with your eyes closed, you'll come back fulfilled!" - Théophile L. (June 2018)

- An extraordinary adventure with a top team, warm and welcoming (guide, cook, driver and breeder) and a great group (there were only 3 of us). The horses were great and doing long gallops with magnificent scenery was one of the favourite moments of the day. Thank you Rando team" - Marine M. (June 2018)

- "Endearing guides, authentic culture, robust horses and magnificent landscapes... an exceptional trip that will remain one of my fondest ride memories. Thank you!" - Léa D. (June 2018)

- "Very well organised ride. Magnificent landscapes. The team took great care of us. A real pleasure to disconnect for 2 weeks and be overwhelmed by the immensity of the Mongolian landscapes." - Sofia D. (June 2018)

- "A real human and equestrian experience. Beyond the magnificent landscapes and immense expanses for galloping, it was the discovery of an authentic people, warm, sincere and in total communion with nature that particularly impressed me on this trip." - Sophie L. (May 2018)

-Overall this trip was magnificent and unforgettable. Dulgun and the drivers opened the doors of their countries and cultures to us with an unrivalled sense of hospitality. The diversity of the landscapes we discovered and the rides through the steppes were magnificent." - Genséric A. (May 2018)

- "It's difficult to sum up this extraordinary trek in just a few words, as the impressions are so strong and varied: robust, hardy horses, long gallops through splendid landscapes, a superbly friendly and competent team of interpreters/guides/drivers/cooks, a lovely welcome from the Mongolians, discovery of the nomadic way of life, top organisation, a warm atmosphere and, in the end, the feeling of having lived for a fortnight on another planet... This ride exceeded all my expectations, BRAVO to the whole Randocheval team!" - Florence C. (May 2018)

- "An unforgettable trip that exceeded our expectations and made every rider's dream come true! A top Randocheval team, a perfect interpreter, equestrian guides with an unrivalled joie de vivre, generous Mongolian horses, endless gallops through landscapes of extreme beauty... a perfect cocktail for a wonderful stay. Mongolia really won us over with its steppes, its 8 lakes park, its nomadic culture and its warm welcome!" - Camille and Sabine H. (August 2017)

- "I set off on this trip backwards only to not want to go back at the end. Two weeks that went by at an unimaginable speed. Breathtaking landscapes, a culture that's so special and authentic, warm and welcoming people despite the language barrier, lively and hardy horses. Mongolia was a revelation. My special thanks go to my three Mongolian guides, who gave a very special flavour to this adventure. I hope to meet them again one day. Bayarla much!!!" - Anna F. (August 2017)

- "An extraordinary stay and a big thank you to the whole Randocheval team, very professional and responsive. Unforgettable memories. Nothing to say no more, quite frankly. One very big positive point: the list of things to take before the trip, which went smoothly because nothing was missing! Perhaps a few improvements on the itinerary (hot springs, time available in Ulan Bator on the way back for shopping....) and some misinformation about the possibility of riding camels in the Gobi (at an extra cost, which is not mentioned in the ride guide). Most of the campsites were perfect and pleasant. Contact with the local population was very friendly. The team (driver, cook) were really friendly, available and took great care of us. Many thanks again! - Alizée M. (August 2017)

- "Superb experience. Horses as far as the eye can see, breathtaking landscapes and camp sites. A great Mongolian team, and great encounters. I think Mongolia is the country I've visited where the local people are the funniest and most welcoming!" - Pauline M. (July 2017)

- "Unforgettable stay, exactly as I expected, with crazy gallops in grandiose landscapes." - Mireille F. (July 2017)

- "An exceptional trip, endlessly splendid landscapes, very beautiful human encounters. Memorable gallops on horses of incredible courage and stamina. I am filled with joy and peace. Thank you!" - Aude D. (July 2017)

- "Very beautiful trip and cultural experience. Good organisation in collaboration with local guides and herders. Some optional evening activities (e.g. archery) could have been interesting." - Caroline S. (July 2017)

- "Wonderful trip, thank you! The guide, driver and translator are exceptional. A wonderful human adventure. The landscapes are breathtaking and the route very well thought out, Thank you again." - Oriane G. (July 2017)

- "Extraordinary trip for the change of scenery, the beauty of the landscapes and the human encounters. Thank you to all the team for their kindness and goodwill. The gallops in the steppe were a real pleasure. Many thanks for the impeccable organisation of this stay where everything was perfectly anticipated." - Camille (June 2017)

- "We are back in France after an excellent ride in Mongolia with a very efficient and friendly team, many contacts and memories and brave horses.
So thank you to Randocheval, and best wishes to all the Mongolians involved with you who helped us discover their country and their ways of life." - Jean-Claude A. (June 2017)

- "The return from the trip was a bit complicated between the jet lag and the irrepressible desire to get back on the plane in the opposite direction to Ulan Bator...

The highlight of this trip was the ride through very contrasting landscapes (Gobi vs Orkhon) which showed us two dazzling facets of Mongolia. A great success!

Many thanks to the Mongolian team. I was ill for a day in the Orkhon valley, and this half-day could have been a nightmare, but it was saved by the thoughtfulness and kindness of the team, Tuvana and her family, which enabled me to leave the next morning feeling better than ever! Always drinking water to hand, on horseback or in the bivouac. And above all, a big well done and thank you to Tuwshin for the cooking. As a result I've put on a few kilos!" - Manon J. (June 2017)

- "Taken care of from start to finish. A trip in the best conditions! Super guide-interpreter, adorable, both for her knowledge and charisma. Drivers with impeccable driving skills. Horses of great quality, in great shape in the Orkhon, with less endurance in the Gobi because of the drought." - Emmanuel (June 2017)

- "An excellent stay thanks to great organisation and high quality people!" - Marine S. (May 2017)

- "We shared our wonderful trip in Mongolia with perfect guides, Guide Dulgunn, herders Jantsan and his brother, cook and drivers!!!! Top organisation! Thank you for the extra duvets we had! Thanks to everyone for their good humour and professionalism! We saw magnificent landscapes, the 4 seasons in just a few days, spent two top days with our herders, herding their herds, yaks, goats, horses, trotting, galloping, climbing, etc.... 14 days of intensity and diversity ... What happiness, thank you! - Mireille D. (May 2017)

- I've just taken off from Ulaan Baatar, leaving behind exceptional encounters, grandiose landscapes and strong emotions... This trip has changed me, which is why I want to thank you!

Your team on site is simply brilliant, without exception. The drivers, the cook, the breeders, the guide... Thank you all. " - Stéphanie (August 2016)

- "The trip went very well. The landscapes were magnificent and I met some great people, both Mongolian and French. We all laughed a lot together and had a great time.
I'm very happy to have been able to make this trip. Thank you for this programme and this discovery!" - Pauline (August 2016)

- "Perfect mix between meetings, hiking, sightseeing, culinary tasting! Flawless organisation. Only regret, the desert part was too short. We were very well looked after at every stage of the trip thanks to this incredible team! Exceptional cook, nomad guides we could trust and who love to share their knowledge." - Penelope (July 2016)

- "Thank you for everything to the whole Randocheval team for this excellent trip, with impeccable organisation. It would be totally impossible for me to find the slightest fault. " - Jean-Guillaume (June 2016)

- "This was probably the most beautiful ride of my entire life! I immersed myself in marvellous natural landscapes, met some wonderful people and had some sensational gallops! No matter how much I look back, I can't find a single negative point about this ride. I've never been so sad to leave! But I'll be back soon, that's for sure :)" - Virginie (May 2016)

- "A huge thank you to all our guides, who made this ride an incredible human adventure. The scenery was magnificent, the route and pace adapted to the weather and the fitness of the group, and the horses were endearing, fast and sure-footed. And what a pleasure it is to be welcomed into a yurt with a cup of tea after a rainy morning, or to take part in the capture of the yaks at dusk. As for the equipment, the tents withstood the torrents of rain that fell one evening, and the saddles were very comfortable. I had an absolutely wonderful fortnight." - Flavie (September 2015)

- "A trip above my expectations. The organisation is perfect, the "adventure" side is mastered at every moment by our guide, driver and our horse and Yak breeders. I'd like to thank Bayaraa, our French-speaking guide (who speaks perfect French!) and our horse breeder Tomco, for trusting us and allowing us to enjoy some fantastic experiences with fast, safe horses. The Mongolian families who welcomed us into their homes, offering us board and lodging, and who introduced us to their way of life, and finally our 'top chef' driver who was always able to concoct excellent dishes for us in all circumstances, and who looked after the 2 of us throughout our stay. Beyond the grandiose landscapes and the more or less fast rides, it was a real human adventure that we experienced, following in the footsteps of the Mongolian nomads. Thank you to the whole Rando Cheval team, don't change a thing!" - Florence C. (August 2015)

- "It was an extraordinary trip! With a great team! As much the participants, as the breeders, drivers, cook, interpreter... All adorable and attentive! You can trust them 100%. I'm really going to miss them! Their joie de vivre and their Mongolian songs will stay with me forever! Not to mention the landscapes, the frantic gallops... - Solène C. (August 2015)

- Very good horses, very hardy, very good spirits. A guide with great human qualities and flawless skills. The meeting with the breeders and their families, the unforgettable landscapes, the gallops in the steppes, the evenings singing in Mongolian by the fire, the snow in the morning..." - Clément (August 2015)

- "Overall, totally met my expectations. The apprehension I had about my equestrian abilities was completely eliminated. The scenery was more than magnificent. The group was very friendly. The wonderful weather: 1 hour of rain on horseback throughout the stay." - Emmanuel (July 2015)

- 'A dynamic, responsive and motivated team, breathtaking scenery, unforgettable memories!" - Marie-Anne S. (July 2015)

- "An extraordinary trip, a very well put together tour with very good equipment (camping, saddles etc.). We appreciated the flexibility of the organisation and above all the good humour and kindness of the guides contributed greatly to the success of this trip. We would gladly recommend this tour with Rando Cheval. A big THANK YOU to you and all the team!!!" - Sarah B. (July 2015)

- "Taking part in a ride in Mongolia is every rider's dream.
This trip was extraordinary and full of pleasant surprises. Very varied scenery, quite an intense ride. The horses were in good spirits and very sure-footed!
The team (in my case: 2 guides, an interpreter, a cook and a driver) took great care of us and the evenings were very cheerful" - Audrey (June 2015)

- "Wonderful trip with a change of scenery, magnificent landscapes and a very warm and friendly welcome." Xavier F. (August 2014)

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IMPORTANT - Flights in Mongolia

Be aware that very few airlines go to Mongolia, flights are therefore quickly fully booked, especially between June and September. Book at least 6 months in advance to have the best air fares.
If your luggage has been delayed, the airlines do NOT deliver it in Mongolia, they keep it available in Ulan Bator. If your tour has already started, and you are already in the Orkhon Valley for example, it can be very expensive to deliver it.
We can do it for you at extra cost:
- 50 € for a delivery inside Ulan Bator
- 100 € for a delivery in Hustai
- 200 € for a delivery in Khogno Khan
- 300 € for a delivery in Karakorum, the Orkhon Valley or Arkhangai
- 400 € for a delivery at Lake Khövsgöl or in the Gobi Desert
This cost includes the driver & the vehicle for 1 or 2 days depending on the distance + fuel for the vehicule for the round trip + meals and accommodation for the driver if the roundtrip is more than 1 day.
If your flight is late, the same rates apply if you need a private transfer.