Tovkhon Monastery in Orkhon Valley - Mongolia
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Tovkhon Monastery - Central Mongolia

Tovkhon monastery towers the Orkhon Valley, at an altitude of 2400 m.

It includes several small temples, the oldest of which was built in 1654 for Zanabazar, who was the first spiritual leader of Buddhists in the line of Gelugpas in Mongolia.

Zanabazar brought a new start to the region on issues related to spirituality, including theology, language, art, medicine and astronomy. He composed sacred music, mastered the art of bronze and painting, and invented Soyombo writing in 1686.

Except for our horse riding tours (where we can ride up to the monastery with our horses), you have to hike to access the monastery, about one hour climbing (8 km up and down - you can rent horses if you can't walk so much) through a beautiful mountain forest. You can visit the temples and caves which are related to beliefs, like that of a spiritual rebirth after a stint in a very narrow pipe carved in the rock.

The view from the top extends over tens of kilometers beyond the mountain ranges surrounding the Orkhon Valley in long undulating waves, sometimes covered with dark forests, sometimes lined with lush green meadows.

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