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Our Discovery Tours in Mongolia

Our Discovery Tours are tailor-made package tours in the nicest regions of Mongolia, with a 4x4 vehicle, a driver and an English-speaking translator.

Adventure is the keyword: you travel in a 4x4 vehicle, sometimes on rough tracks, to reach remote Buddhist monasteries, to meet nomad herders gathering their horses, or just to enjoy the incredible landscapes of ever changing Mongolia ...

Comfort is also important to make sure you enjoy fully your journey in Mongolia: we target the highest level of comfort for your accommodation, whether it is in tents or in yurts. Please check carefully our page about accommodation in Mongolia before chosing your tour.

Travel to Mongolia
Domestic flights
Mongolia Essentials Tour
Yurts (5) / Hotel (2)
1.040 €
Nomadic Life - Family Tour
Yurts (8) / Hotel (2)
1.380 €
Gobi Desert and Orkhon Valley Tour
Yurts (10) / Hotel (2)
1.985 €
Best of Mongolia Tour
Camping (7) / Yurts (9) / Hotel (3)
2.395 €
Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Mongolia Essentials Tour

A dense trip that includes the major sites of Central Mongolia: the Orkhon Valley, the dunes of Bayan Gobi, Hustai's wild horses and Buddhist monasteries.

1040 €
8 days

Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Nomadic Life Tour

Stay with the nomads in the Orkhon Valley and visit the main sites of Central Mongolia. Share wonderful moments with the nomads, especially if you travel with children.

1380 €
11 days

Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Gobi & Orkhon Tour

Visit the Gobi Desert and the Orkhon Valley: a very varied 2 weeks tour with the comfort of nights in yurts and a domestic flight to avoid long days on the road.

1985 €
13 days

Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Best of Mongolia Tour

A 3 weeks adventure tour from Lake Khövsgöl to the Gobi Desert, via the steppes of Arkhangai and the Orkhon Valley. This tour includes a domestic flight.

2395 €
20 days

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