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Our Tours for Families with children in Mongolia

Yes, it is possible to travel with your children in Mongolia! It is even one of the best ways to socialize with nomadic families, as children are ubiquitous here.

Yours will be greeted with joy and curiosity ... And what a joy to share so much emotion and beauty with your family!

Of course, you must take into account the specific needs of your young travellers. That's why we created these Family tours in Mongolia with the following criteria:

  • lots of fun activities (visits, camel or horseback rides, encounters with nomads ...),
  • the shortest possible transfers (keeping in mind the huge size of the country),
  • 2 or more nights at the same accommodation as often as possible, to keep time for rest and recreational activities.

These tours have been tried and trusted by our own children, aged 8 and 10 on the pictures!

Family tour in Mongolia with children
Domestic flights
Nomadic Life - Family Tour
Yurts (8) / Hotel (2)
1.380 €
Family Hiking Tour
Camping (5) / Yurts (5) / Hotel (2)
1.545 €
Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Nomadic Life Tour

Stay with the nomads in the Orkhon Valley and visit the main sites of Central Mongolia. Share wonderful moments with the nomads, especially if you travel with children.

1380 €
11 days

Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Family Hiking Tour

A real hiking tour in Mongolia with your children! A horse is provided for each young one from 7 to 12, to allow them to follow the adults' pace ... and to add more fun!

1545 €
13 days

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