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Our Hiking and Trekking Tours in Mongolia

Mongolia is a paradise for trekking and adventure travel, offering a wide variety of landscapes, from the sands of the Gobi Desert to the Orkhon Valley in Central Mongolia and the impressive Altai Mountains...

Add to this a welcoming nomadic population, colorful Buddhist traditions, and a climate that lets you choose between hiking in valleys covered with flowers or extreme trekking on frozen lakes depending on the season ...

You guessed it, a trekking tour in Mongolia is an adventure like no other.

But organizing such a a trek in Mongolia does not just happen, there must be reliable logistics and high quality equipment as you will walk and travel in very remote areas.

That's why we have created our own structure in Mongolia. We also invest each year in new camping equipment from leading brands to ensure you exclusive hiking and trekking tours at the best value for money.

Hiking / trekking level
Domestic flights
WINTER trekking tour
Moderate (have to be fit because of climate)
1.345 €
Gobi Desert and Steppe Hiking Tour (2 weeks)
1.595 €
Gobi Desert and Steppe Hiking Tour (3 weeks)
2.755 €
Central Mongolia - Hiking and Horse Riding Tour
1.595 €
Hiking Tour for Families with children
Moderate + horse for the children
1.545 €
Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Winter Trekking Tour

A trek for adventurous hikers, through the glittering lanscapes of Mongolia in wintertime: frozen Orkhon Falls, Bayan Gobi desert and Przewalski wild horses ...

1345 €
11 days

Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Dunes & Steppes Trek (2 weeks)

This exclusive tour is the unique opportunity to hike through both the dunes and the steppe landscapes of Central Mongolia. Available in 2 or 3 weeks.

1595 €
13 days

Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Dunes & Steppes Trek (3 weeks)

This longer version of our Dunes & Steppes Trek combines a hike in the desert with camels, a hike in the steppe with pack yacks, and a tour in the Gobi Desert.

2755 €
20 days

Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Hiking + Horse riding Tour

This tour combines hiking and horseback riding. An opportunity for novice horse riders to experiment their first gallops in the steppes of Mongolia ...

1595 €
13 days

Mongolia - Gobi Desert Tour

Family Hiking Tour

A real hiking tour in Mongolia with your children! A horse is provided for each young one from 7 to 12, to allow them to follow the adults' pace ... and to add more fun!

1545 €
13 days

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