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Books and films about Mongolia

Mongolia inspired numerous writers and film-makers, of Mongol origin or not.

Books about Mongolia and nomadic Mongolian culture

  • Among the Mongols, by James Gilmour
  • Eagle Dreams: Searching for Legends in Wild Mongolia, by Stephen J Bodio
  • Hearing Birds Fly, by Louisa Waugh
  • Wild East, by Jill Lawless
  • Lost Country: Mongolia Revealed, by Jasper Becker
  • Dateline Mongolia: An American Journalist in Nomads Land, by Michael Kohn

Travel guides

  • Lonely Planet Mongolia (Country Guide)

Films about Mongolia

The director Byambasuren Davaa contributed to popularize certain aspects of the Mongolian culture.

  • The Story of the Weeping Camel, by Byambasuren Davaa (2003) - nominated for the Academy Awards.
  • The Cave of the Yellow Dog, by Byambasuren Davaa (2005)
  • Two Horses of Genghis Khan, by Byambasuren Davaa (2009)

In Mongolia, the production of movies is very dynamic, supported in particular by the large number of chaines of television by comparison with the low density of population of the country.

These movies concern essentially the striking facts of the history of Mongolia, or tell fictionalized stories taking place in the steppe and describing the Mongolian traditional lifestyle.

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