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Orkhon Valley Horse riding Tour

Why you'll love this tour ...

  • Horse riding in the Orkhon Valley, a World Heritage Site in Central Mongolia.
  • A real adventure: 3 days with pack yacks in Naiman Nuur Park, a very remote area.
  • 3 nights in guest yurts with nomadic families to discover their unique way of life.
  • Our own saddles, studied to suit both the Mongolian horse and the Western rider.
  • 100% financial guarantee for your tour in Mongolia.

This ride is also offered in "comfort" version, with all nights in yurts.

Dates and Rates

Each tour is guaranteed with a minimum of 2 persons.
Dates with an ENGLISH speaking guide
Dates with a FRENCH speaking guide

No flag = the 1rst rider who books can chose the language.

Guide From To  Rate /pers.  Status
30/08/2022 11/09/2022 1645 € Available
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06/09/2022 18/09/2022 1645 € Available
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13/09/2022 25/09/2022 1645 € Available
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NEW ITINERARY FOR 2023 => Click here!


*What is a Guaranteed Departure?

After taking time off work, booking your flights and arranging for your neighbour to feed the cat, the last thing you need is for your trip to be cancelled because of a lack of people on your tour. Our guaranteed departures give you the peace of mind to book the tour that suits you.

A guaranteed departure means that the tour will definitely operate on the day it is scheduled and will not be cancelled for lack of participation. All guaranteed departures will run except in the event of a natural disaster or other similarly disruptive event that is beyond our control.


** NAADAM FESTIVAL (11/12 july) : stay 1 or 2 extra day(s) before or after your tour and visit the Naadam Festival, including 1 or 2 night(s) at a 3 stars Hotel + a guide (non private) + grouped transfers + entry fee on the festival (no lunch, no dinner included).
Be aware that the opening ceremony is on July 11 in the morning, so you need to be in Ulan Bator on July 10th in the evening to be able to see it. The rest of the 2 days include competitions on the different playgrounds.

  • 130 €/person/night in double room
  • 170 €/person/night in single room



Day 1: Grouped transfer from Ulan Bator Airport on arrival of Turkish Airlines flight (usually 07:50 or 09:20 am depending on the season). You can book any flight landing before Turkish Airlines flight.
If you are already in Ulan Bator, the meeting point is in the lobby of the hotel at 14:00.
Day 13: Grouped transfer to Ulan Bator airport on time for flights departing after 07:00am.

Please wait for our written agreement on your flight schedule before buying your tickets.



The rate is based on 4 persons.
Groups of 2 or 3 riders: + 250 € / pers.
Applies to the 3 first riders booked. When the 4th rider is booked the supplement is refunded for all riders.


+ 80 € / pers. (2 nights in Ulan Bator only).
This single room supplement applies if you want a single room in Ulan Bator.
No single supplement is due if you are OK to share your room with another person (same gender) even if we do not find another person willing to share.



Tour and visits as described, horseback rides as described, full board from dinner of day 1 to breakfast of day 13 except 1 dinner, English speaking translator, Russian 4x4 with driver, a cook per group over 4 persons, nomadic equestrian guide, financial guarantee of your deposits.



International flights, 1 dinner, drinks except water, tea and coffee, personal expenses, booking fee (15 €/person), travel insurance, visa if necessary.

Tour itinerary

Riding on horseback beside nomads through the wonderful landscape of the Orkhon Valley, is there a better way to experience the real Mongolia?

This camping horse riding tour takes you to the most remote sites of the Valley, with the comfort of a support vehicle (except for 3 days with pack yaks in Naiman Nuur Park).

With your English speaking translator, and guided by authentic nomads, you will discover the heart of Mongolia...

Day 1: Ulan Bator

Welcome to Mongolia!

Your English speaking translator is waiting for you at Ulan Bator airport at the arrival of Turkish Airlines flight (usually 07:50 or 09:20 am depending on the season) for a grouped transfer. You can book any flight landing before Turkish Airlines flight. If you are already in Ulan Bator, you can join the group at 14:00 in the lobby of the hotel.

No lunch included.

Visit of Gandantegchinlin Monastery and the National Museum of Mongolian History.

Dinner downtown and overnight at Dream hotel or similar (2* - twin or triple room).


Day 2: Ulan Bator - Kharkhorin (Karakorum)

Breakfast and drive to Karakorum, Mongolia'ancient capital. Picnic lunch en route.

This is a long day on the road (6-7 hours drive - depending on the condition of the roads), but this evening, you will already be in the Orkhon Valley World Heritage Site, ready to start your horse riding tour tomorrow!

Visit of Erdene Zuu Monastery.

After the visit, we set up camp in the wilderness at the entrance of the Orkhon Valley for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Horse riding tour in the Orkhon Valley

After breakfast, meet the nomadic herders and horses who will be your companions during this horseback ride in Central Mongolia.

We begin our equestrian adventure in the northern mountains of the famous Orkhon Valley.

Picnic lunch brought by our support vehicules, nothing to carry on the horses, so we can enjoy many canters!

After the ride, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Horse riding tour in the Orkhon Valley

After breakfast, we continue our horse ride in the Khangai Mountains.

Picnic lunch brought by our support vehicules.

After the ride, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Horse riding tour in the Orkhon Valley (Tovkhon Monastery)

After breakfast, we ride to Tovkhon Monastery, one of the major Buddhist sites in Mongolia. We reach the monastery with our horses at 2400m.

Picnic lunch.

We ride down the mountains to the Orkhon Valley. The views are astonishing ont the large valley with wooden mountains in the background. This regions is known as the cradle of the nomadic way of life in Mongolia.

After the ride, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Horse riding tour in the Orkhon Valley (Orkhon Falls)

After breakfast, we ride to the famous Orkhon Falls.

We continue our horse riding tour in the upstream part of the Valley where the landscape becomes wilder and wilder.

This region has black ancient lava flows which contrast with the white running water of the Orkhon River and remind us Mongolia's volcanic past.

Picnic lunch.

We reach on horseback the larch forests with the impressive Naiman Nuur mountains in front of us.

After the ride, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Horseback adventure in Naiman Nuur Park (with pack yaks)

For the next 3 days, our horse ride will have a totally different pace: after the wide open spaces, we now ride in very wild and remote landscapes: the Naiman Nuur Natural Park, which means "the 8 Lakes Park".

Pack yacks carry the equipment and your personal belongings for these three days as this beautiful and isolated area is not accessible to vehicles.

We pack the luggage and camping equipment on the yacks and start our steep ride to the mountains.

Picnic lunch.

We will stay for 2 nights in guest yurts (up to 5 persons per yurt) with a nomadic family living in this very remote park. They are yack breeders.

Day 8: Horseback ride in Naiman Nuur Park

Today, we ride in beautiful forested mountains, discovering the wonderful scenic lakes of the Naiman Nuur Park, one of the most beautiful sites in Mongolia.

Dinner and overnight at the guest yurts.

Day 9: Horse riding tour in Naiman Nuur Park towards Orkhon Valley (with pack yaks)

Today, we leave the Naiman Nuur Park with our pack yaks, to go back to the Orkhon Valley.

We ride through steep mountains, and will appreciate our sure footed horses and the ability of our yak drivers!

We set up camp close to the yak breeder's yurt.

Dinner and night under tents.

Day 10: Full day with a nomad family

We spend this last day in the Orkhon Valley with a nomadic family.

The day is devoted to the discovery of the traditional lifestyle of the nomads of Mongolia. We can take part to the daily activities of the family.

You'll find simple tips to facilitate contact with your host family here.

During the day, we can still spend a few hours in the saddle, helping them to round up the herds, or just going for a ride to explore the region.

Dinner and night in a "guest-yurt" close to our nomad family's yurts.

The comfort is more simple than in the yurt camps as there are no showers, but you will experience the real nomadic way of life in Mongolia ...

Day 11: Orkhon Valley - Camel ride in the dunes - Night in a yurt in Bayan Gobi Desert

Breakfast and transfer to Khogno Khan Park (4 hours drive - depending on the condition of the roads). Khogno Khan'landscape is very similar to Gobi Desert, in southern Mongolia.

Picnic lunch.

Visit of the Ovgon Khiid Monastery and camel ride in the Elsentasarhaï sand dunes.

For this last night in the steppe, we enjoy the magic of a touristic ger camp (yurt camp) in the desert.

Spending the night in a traditional yurt, with Mongolian furniture, is also a wonderful experience, not to be missed ...

Dinner and night at the yurt camp (up to 5 riders per yurt, showers in a separate building).

Day 12: Khogno Khan Park - Ulan Bator

Breakfast and early departure to Ulan Bator where we arrive in the afternoon.

Picnic lunch.

The rest of the afternoon is dedicated to shopping downtown, where you will find traditional clothing and objects of daily life.

In the late afternoon, you will attend a show with traditional dances, music and songs from Mongolia, especially the amazing Khoomei.

No dinner included, to let you choose among the varied dining opportunities offered by Ulan Bator.

Night at Dream hotel or similar (2* - twin or triple room).


Day 13 - Ulan Bator

Breakfast and transfer to airport on time for flights departing after 07:00am.

Practical Information


Day 1: Grouped transfer from Ulan Bator Airport on arrival of Turkish Airlines flight (usually 07:50 or 09:20 am depending on the season). You can book any flight landing before Turkish Airlines flight.
If you are already in Ulan Bator, the meeting point is in the lobby of the hotel at 14:00.
Day 13: Grouped transfer to Ulan Bator airport on time for flights departing after 07:00am.


Language: English speaking translator.

Group size: 2-10 persons.


This is an "adventure" tour:

  • 6 nights in tents
  • 3 night in a guestyurt with a nomadic family
  • 1 night in a yurt camp
  • 2 nights in a 2* hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

More information about accommodation during our tours in Mongolia ...

Horses and Equestrian Ability

This horse riding tour in Mongolia is for experienced riders only.


> More about required equestrian ability

Tour Reviews

Your travel expert - Sabine

"A unique horseback adventure in the wonderful landscape of Orkhon Valley. You have time to discover the traditional nomadic way of life. 3 days are also spent in the very remote Naiman Nuur Park, with the fun of pack yacks."


"It was one of the best trips I have ever been on. You really get to see how Mongolians live, their lifestyle. The team was amazing, they were all very kind, helpful, and also very funny! The riding is beautiful, you go through this beautiful valley, and the horses are very easy to ride. You can also choose a horse tailored to your level. At first I had a horse that was too fast for me and the guide went all the way back to his home (2 hours riding) to bring me a calmer horse. The cook observed our eating habits and then tailored his meals for us. The translator was very welcoming and really allowed us to fit in with the Mongolians and made sure we were doing things we were enjoying. Lastly the driver drove very carefully, and very well , especially because the roads aren't easy to drive on. These are just examples of the various ways the team was incredible, it is impossible to explain the wonders of this trip with words. Team + surroundings/valley/views = amazing. Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to come back!" - Gersende E. and her sister (August 2019)

"We were well matched with horses. The driver, horsemen, and cook were a delight. The translator gave good interpretations. The food was fantastic. The riding was fun. Experiencing living with herds was wonderful – watching people milk mares and herd horses, yaks and cows; seeing the goats come in on their own at night for protection from wolves and leave in the morning when they’re hungry. One night after rain, we stayed with a family in an adhoc fashion and that was really special. There were many small enchantments – watching an eagle swoop down to catch a squirrel or chipmunk, riding in hail just after we’d transferred to rain gear, a huge double rainbow up at the lakes, the night sky, the sounds at night of thundering hooves, baahing sheep, snoring yaks. I just loved the Buddhist monastaries – Erdene Zuu reminded me of Bodhnath in Nepal; the one on the hilltop was beautiful; the last one in the scrublands had the great smell of incense and the steppe. The smell of the steppe – sagey and minty – is a great memory" - Steve D. (August 2019)

"A journey beyond my expectations. The organization is perfect, the whole adventure is at all times mastered by our guide, our driver and horse breeders. Thanks to our guide and our horse breeder, who trusted us and allowed us to live wonderful experiences with fast and safe horses. Thanks also to the nomadic families who have welcomed us, and showed us their way of life. And finally thanks to our top cook-driver who prepared excellent dishes in all circumstances, and has watched over the 2 of us throughout the stay. Beyond the grandiose landscapes and fast rides, we lived a true human adventure in the footsteps of the Mongolian nomads. Thanks to the whole Mongolia Travel & Tours team, do not change anything! " - Florence C. and her daughter (August 2017)

"It was an amazing trip! With a great team! Other riders, nomadic breeders, drivers, cook, interpreter ... All adorable and fussing over us! We can trust them 100%. I will miss them! Their joy of living and their Mongolian songs will be engraved! Not to mention landscapes, frantic gallop ... I was dazzled! " Solène C. (August 2016)

'A dynamic, reliale and motivated team, breathtaking scenery, unforgettable memories! "Marie-Anne S. (July 2015)

"An extraordinary journey, a very well put together tour with a very good equipment (camping, stools etc.). We liked the flexibility of the organization and above all good-humored and friendly guides who have greatly contributed to the success of this trip. We gladly recommend this trip with Mongolia Travel & Tours. A big THANK YOU to all the team! " Sarah B. (July 2015)

"A horse riding tour in Mongolia, it is the dream of every rider.
This trip was amazing and full of good surprises. Very varied landscape, fairly intense rides, reliable horses!
The team (in my case: 2 nomadic breeders, a translator; a cook and a driver) was fussing over us and the evenings were very happy " Audrey (June 2015)

"Wonderful very exotic horse riding trip, beautiful scenery and warm and very friendly welcome." F. Xavier (August 2014)

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IMPORTANT - Flights in Mongolia

Be aware that very few airlines go to Mongolia, flights are therefore quickly fully booked, especially between June and September. Book at least 6 months in advance to have the best air fares.
If your luggage has been delayed, the airlines do NOT deliver it in Mongolia, they keep it available in Ulan Bator. If your tour has already started, and you are already in the Orkhon Valley for example, it can be very expensive to deliver it.
We can do it for you at extra cost:
- 50 € for a delivery inside Ulan Bator
- 100 € for a delivery in Hustai
- 200 € for a delivery in Khogno Khan
- 300 € for a delivery in Karakorum, the Orkhon Valley or Arkhangai
- 400 € for a delivery at Lake Khövsgöl or in the Gobi Desert
This cost includes the driver & the vehicle for 1 or 2 days depending on the distance + fuel for the vehicule for the round trip + meals and accommodation for the driver if the roundtrip is more than 1 day.
If your flight is late, the same rates apply if you need a private transfer.