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Gobi Desert and Steppes of Mongolia - 20 days trek

Why you'll love this tour ...


  • A trekking journey in Mongolia with very diverse experiences: 10 days hiking (3 with pack camels and 3 with pack yaks) and a half-day camel ride in the Gobi Desert!
  • Combine hiking in the dunes and in the steppes for the first time in Mongolia.
  • Very balanced accommodation with 6 nights in yurts (gers), 10 nights in tents and 3 nights at a 2* hotel.
  • Complete camping equipment, with a shower tent, modern tents, thick mattress and a large tent for the meals.
  • 100% financial guarantee for your tour in Mongolia.

> This hiking tour also comes in a shorter version of 13 days.

Dates and Rates

2755 €/pers - Private tours only, please contact us for more details.


Groups of 3 people : + 300 € / pers.
If there are 3 people booked onto the trip.
Refunded on return according to the number of people in the group.


Single room: + 90 € / pers. (3 nights in Ulan Bator only)



Tour and visits as described, 1 domestic flight, hiking as described, full board from dinner of day 1 to breakfast of day 20 except 1 dinner, English speaking translator, Russian 4x4 with driver, a cook per group >3, financial guarantee of your deposits.



International flights, 1 dinner, drinks except water, tea and coffee, personal expenses, travel insurance, visa if necessary.

Tour itinerary

Experience the contrasts of Mongolia in one hiking tripwalking in the dunes of the Gobi Desert and the steppes of Central Mongolia .

In addition to a unique diversity of landscapes, dive into the nomadic lifestyle, combining all the traditional means of transport of Mongolian nomads:

Hiking with pack camels in the dunes of the Bayan Gobi desert,

Hiking with pack yaks in the steppes of the Orkhon Valley,

a journey through the Gobi desert with a camel ride in the Khongor Els sand dunes...

Day 1: Ulan Bator

Welcome to Mongolia!

Your English speaking translator is waiting for you at Ulan Bator airport at midday (arrival of Turkish Airlines flight - private transfer at extra cost if you are flying with another airline).

Visit of Gandantegchinlin Monastery and the National Museum of Mongolian History.

Dinner downtown and overnight at Dream hotel or similar (2*).


Day 2: Ulan Bator - Bayan Gobi Desert

Breakfast and departure with our 4x4 vehicle to the Bayan Gobi Desert, the "rich Gobi."

Lunch on the way.

We meet the nomadic herder who will be our equestrian guide for the next three days of hiking in the wilderness of Bayan Gobi , between dunes and steppes.

We set up our first camp in the wilderness, in a sparsely populated area on the southern edge of the Bayan Gobi Desert.

Each person sets up his/her own tent (single tent provided at no additional charge on request before departure). A shower tent and a large tent for the preparation of meals make our camp comfortable.

Dinner and overnight in tents 


Days 3, 4 and 5: Trekking in the Bayan Gobi Desert (with pack camels)

We leave for 3 days of hiking in the wilderness of Bayan Gobi .

In this environment of dunes, mountains and steppes, our pack camels will be very useful to carry luggage, tents and supplies.

Be aware that this trekking tour in the Bayan Gobi Desert is the only opportunity of walk in a typical landscape of the Gobi Desert, as it is too warm further south in the Gobi Desert.


This area is truly the heart of Mongolia.

It is first of all the geographical center of Mongolia.

It is also located at the junction of three major mongolian ecosystems: two of the main mountain ranges in the country - the Khangai and Khentii - and a northern edge of the Gobi Desert.

Mount Batkhan overlooks this area and gives rise to several rivers which mix their waters with the sand dunes of Elsentasarkhai - the "sand break" - forming a changing and spectacular scenery.

Every night after walking between dunes, rivers and steppes, we set up the camp, carried by pack camels.

The afternoon of day 6 we reach the Khogno Khan cliffs, where we visit Ovgon Khiid monastery, set in a dramatic scenery.

Dinner and overnight in a ger camp nestled at the foot of the cliffs (2-4 persons per yurt in individual beds, showers and toilets in a separate building).


Day 6: Bayan Gobi Desert - Hiking in the Orkhon Valley

After breakfast, a 2 hours drive takes us to the Orkhon Valley.

We meet the nomadic herders who will be our companions during the next 8 days.

The change in environment is striking: after the desert and sandy expanses of Bayan Gobi, we are now in a mountainous area, a maze of green valleys with forested slopes.

We start our first day in the mountains bordering northern Orkhon Valley.

Picnic lunch brought by our vehicules, nothing to carry in our backpacks!

In the afternoon, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.


Day 7: Hiking in the Orkhon Valley (Tovkhon Monastery)

After breakfast, we walk another day in the Khangai Mountains.

Picnic lunch brought by our vehicules.

In the afternoon, we climb to Tovkhon Monastery.

After the hike, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.


Day 8: Trekking in the Orkhon Valley (Orkhon Falls)

After breakfast, we walk down the mountains to the Orkhon Valley. The views are astonishing ont the large valley with wooden mountains in the background.

Picnic lunch brought by our vehicules.

We walk to the famous Orkhon Falls.

In the afternoon, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.


Day 9: Hike in the Orkhon Valley

After breakfast, we continue our hiking tour in the upstream part of the Valley where the landscape becomes wilder and wilder.

This volcanic region has black ancient lava flows which contrast with the white running water of the Orkhon River.

Picnic lunch brought by our vehicules.

We reach the forest with the impressive Naiman Nuur mountains in front of us.

After the hike, we set up camp in the wilderness for dinner and overnight.


Day 10: Hiking adventure in Naiman Nuur Park (with pack yaks)

For the next 3 days, the trek will have a totally different pace: after the wide open spaces, we now walk in very wil and remote landscapes: the Naiman Nuur Natural Park, which means "the 8 Lakes Park".

Pack yaks carry the equipment and your personal belongings for these three days as this beautiful and isolated area is not accessible to vehicles.

We pack the luggage and camping equipment on the yacks and start our steep hike to the mountains.

Picnic lunch enroute.

After the trek, we set up camp on a lake shore for dinner and overnight.

We will stay 2 nights at this camping site, to avoid having to walk with the pack yacks tomorrow.


Day 11: Trekking in Naiman Nuur Park (Central Mongolia)

Today, we walk in beautiful forested mountains, discovering the wonderful scenic lakes of the Park.

Dinner and overnight at the same camping site.


Day 12: Hiking tour in Naiman Nuur Park towards Orkhon Valley (with pack yaks)

Today, we leave the Naiman Nuur Park with our pack yaks, to go back to the Orkhon Valley.

We walk through steep mountains, and will appreciate the ability of our yak drivers!

We set up camp close to the yak breeder's yurt.

Dinner and night under tents.

Day 13: Full day with a nomad family

We spend this last day in the Orkhon Valley with the family of the nomads who guided us during this trek.

They became our friends as we shared so intense emotions, and it is always a wonderful experience to discover their wives and children, and the way they live in their yurts with their herds.

The day is devoted to the discovery of the traditional lifestyle of the nomads of Mongolia.
We can participate in their daily activities, and become acquainted with the various family members.
You'll find simple tips to facilitate contact with your host family on the site by clicking here.

This night, we will sleep in a "guest-yurt" close to our nomad family's yurts.

The comfort is more simple than in the yurt camps as there are no showers, but you will experience the real nomadic way of life...

Day 14: Orkhon Valley - Ongii Monastery

After the breakfast, we start our journey to the southern part of the Gobi desert. It will take 2 days until we reach the heart of the Gobi. Picnic lunch en route.

We stop at the Ongii Monastery for the night.

Visit of the monastery.

Dinner and overnight at the yurt camp (2 to 4 persons per yurt, with single beds, showers in a separate building).

Day 15: Ongii Monastery - Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs (Southern Gobi Desert)

After breakfast, we drive to the south and the Bayanzag "Flaming Cliffs", one of the most famous sites of the Southern Gobi Desert.

Picnic lunch en route.

Short hike to the cliffs.

Dinner and overnight at the yurt camp (2 to 4 persons per yurt, with single beds, showers in a separate building).


Day 16: Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs - Camel ride in Khongor Els singing dunes (Southern Gobi Desert)

Breakfast and drive to the Khongor Els sand dunes, in southern Mongolia.

Picnic lunch en route.

Camel ride in the "singing dunes". There are no horses in the southern Gobi Desert, that's why we have to experience mean of transport: camel ride!

Dinner and overnight at the Khongor Els gercamp (2 to 4 persons per yurt, with single beds, showers in a separate building).


Day 17: Khongor Els singing dunes - Yoliin Am canyon (Southern Gobi Desert)

We continue our journey to the East.

We stop at the Yoliin Am canyon (40 km) for a hike through the gorge.

Picnic lunch en route.

Dinner and overnight at Yolii Am gercamp (2 to 4 persons per yurt/ger, with single beds, showers in a separate building).


Day 18: Gobi Desert - Dalanzadgad - Flight to Ulan Bator

After breakfast we drive to Dalanzadgad airport for our return flight to Ulan Bator.

Lunch according to flight schedule.

On arrival, transfer to our 2* hotel in the city center.

This hotel is perfectly located 200 m from Peace Avenue between Sukhbaatar Square and the State Department Store, which gives you a large choice of restaurants and the opportunity of last minute shopping at the department store which remains open late.

Dinner downtown and night at the hotel.

Day 19: Ulan Bator

Breakfast at the hotel.

Visit of the Choijin Lama Temple and Museum, whose traditional architecture offers a surprising contrast with the Blue Skye glass tower.
Visit the Bogd Jhan Winter Palace. The Bogd Khan had several palaces but the other ones have been destroyed by Russians.
Consisting of 6 traditionnal buildings, you will also see many objects that reflect the magnificence of court life at that time.

Lunch downtown.

The rest of the afternoon is dedicated to shopping in stores downtown, where you will find traditional clothing and objects of daily life.

In the late afternoon, you will attend a show with traditional dances, music and songs from Mongolia, especially the amazing Khoomei.

No dinner included, to let you choose among the varied dining opportunities offered by Ulan Bator.

Night at Dream hotel or similar (2*).

Day 20: Ulan Bator

Breakfast and transfer to airport on time for Turkish Airlines flight (private transfer at extra cost if you are flying with another airline).

Practical Information

Meeting point: Ulaanbaatar airport, arrival of Turkish Airlines flight (private transfer at extra cost if you are flying with another airline).

Language: English speaking translator.

Group size: 3-10 persons.


This hiking tour offers both the most comfortable accommodation available in Mongolia - yurt camps, and the fun of camping in the most remote wilderness.

  • 10 nights camping
  • 5 nights in yurt camps
  • 1 nights in a yurt with a nomadic family
  • 3 nights in a 2* hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

More information about accommodation during our tours in Mongolia ...

Hiking level

This hiking tour is for fit travellers, but does not need a lot of trekking experience.

You will hike between 18 and 23 km / day, in a mountainous and forested environment.

Tour Reviews

Your travel expert - Claire

"This tour is a unique experience for keen trekkers, who will hike with camel in Bayan Gobi Desert, with pack yacks in the Orkhon Valley, with a travel extension in the remote southern Gobi Desert."


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